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School Uniform

We expect all of our children to wear their uniform correctly and with pride as a member of our community.  I therefore ask for your support in making sure your child is properly dressed for school and adequately dressed and prepared for their PE and sports sessions.

Often parents get upset when clothing items are misplaced; please help us to relocate them by ensuring your child’s name is clearly displayed on labels of all items including PE kit.

Please be aware that for health and safety reasons small plain studded earrings are allowed.  These will need to be removed or covered with plasters with written adult consent for PE and swimming.

We also request that hair is tied back with dark coloured accessories, and is not a distraction or conflicting with our smart school appearance.

Nursery to Year 5 Girls

  • Red polo shirt
  • School navy  V neck sweatshirt / cardigan
  • Grey skirt or trousers (not leggings, joggers or fashion bootleg)
  • Low heeled, dark coloured footwear that is a full shoe with a back on
  • Dark coloured tights or socks

NEW FOR 2015-16 Red/white checked summer dress can be worn in the summer term with a full shoe.

Nursery to Year 5 Boys

  • Red polo shirt
  • School  V neck sweatshirt
  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • Dark coloured footwear – no trainers thank you

Year 6

Children in Year six are getting ready for high school, so in addition to the items above the red polo shirt is replaced with a white shirt and red tie.  

Additional Items

  1. A school bag is necessary for taking home school communications, reading books and homework – school book bags can be purchased, but a small holdall is all that is required.
  2. We also request that children have access to water throughout the day.  This needs to be in a sports topped bottle container, clearly labelled with your child’s name that is taken home to be sterilised daily.  School bottles can be purchased through our local school wear supplier.

All school uniform can be organised through school order forms obtained from the school office, our supplier also has a shop on Dover Road in Maghull; ‘Sefton Schoolwear’ where you can purchase uniform directly.