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Our School

Hudson Vision Statement

We are the heart of a caring community, a place where children and families are nurtured, and everyone experiences excellence.

Hudson Mission Statement

We are the heart of a caring community because…

  • We embrace diversity through engaging with local, national and worldwide cultures
  • We make time to build relationships with our families and understand their needs
  • We involve parents in their own learning journey as well as their child’s
  • We share our facilities and expertise
  • We continue to form joint partnerships with schools and other external services

We nurture children and families by…

  • Providing a welcoming and supportive environment
  • Making time for children and their families and providing support for their needs
  • Providing a gateway to services through the children’s centre
  • Providing flexible childcare

Everyone experiences excellence when…

  • Teaching and learning is dynamic and responsive
  • We enable children to rise to challenges with enthusiasm and excitement
  • We learn to truly prize each child’s skills, abilities and character
  • We provide clear expectations and model desired behaviours
  • Children, families and staff communicate and work together effectively