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Hudson University for Children (HUC)

Children's University learning at Hudson

At Hudson we aspire to instil in our children the values of aiming high, sustaining participation and the power of knowledge.  Within this we have developed our own ‘Hudson University for Children’ (HUC) accreditation system which allows for all children to be rewarded for outside education enrichment that they voluntarily participate in.  Our system is based on our experience of working along the National Children’s University; however our University is about Hudson Children and families and their wants and needs.

Each term children will become familiar with the clubs on offer by safeguard checked volunteering staff and community members at our school.  The clubs on offer will be advertised at the start of the school term through our weekly newsletter.  The children can sign up for as many clubs as they like within their age range. The children are encouraged to participate in new interests and experiences on offer, and in return for gaining new skills and good attendance they will acquire accreditation's that will be totalled up towards a level of University degree at the end of the year.

Accredited activities must take place outside the normal school day and are always voluntary. Activities can include clubs which run before school, during lunchtime, after school or at weekends and during holidays. A HUC passport will be provided to each child who enrols with the University so that they can gain recognition for their dedication to participation and learning away from school and in return receive an honorary degree in out of school dedicated activities too.

Recognising and rewarding participation at Hudson

Participants to the Hudson University for Children use their HUC Passport to record the number of hours of completed validated learning activities, a school passport is kept for each child and each child will also have one they can keep with them for out of school activity recognition. Children are encouraged to progress through the Hudson certification scheme, based on the number of hours of attendance throughout their involvement with the HUC programme. Bronze, silver and gold certificates are awarded at each year group level with honorary degrees awarded for outside school accreditation. The certificates are presented at a graduation ceremony organised through Hudson at the end of the academic school year. 

Enrolling with the HUC

Children en-role in the HUC in September each year at a cost of £10.  This allows children access to all school clubs for the year, participation in the graduation experiences and covers costs for materials for the running of clubs.  Children will also receive a HUC passport which they can then use to record their accreditation's outside of school.