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Chestnut – Year 6


Summer Learning Journey - Tomorrow's World

Text messages, e-mails, websites, blogs and podcasts -= there are so many ways to communicate.

Learn how to set up your own class blog and build a home page on a subject of your choice.  Suggest ways of improving your school website hopefully the headteacher will listen to your ideas!

Discover movers and shakers in the world of technology – the people who have shaped the modern world.  Perhaps you might be a visionary for the next generation?

Build robots and circuits, break codes and investigate gadgets galore.  Why not write a thriller narrative in the style of Anthony Horowitz?  Then on request from MI99, build a website for a new Spy School.  What pages will it need?  One for gadgets?  A secret lunch menu?  You decide!  Let’s start today – Tomorrow’s World…