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The Admission Number for our school is 30 children for each year group. 
Admissions to the Reception class will usually be in the September at the beginning of the school year in which the child will reach his/her 5th birthday. However, parents who have been offered a place may, if they wish, defer their child’s entry to school until the child is of compulsory school age, as long as the place is taken up within the same school year. The parents should provide a firm letter of intent to the Headteacher in order that a place is reserved for that child. The child will not be disadvantaged in terms of Admissions Procedures by this. 
If there are less than 30 applicants, all children will be offered a place (on the national allocation date), which should be formally accepted by a given date. 

After this date, any additional children wanting the available places will be accepted in order of date of application until the number reaches 30. After this, names will be placed on a waiting list, with no guarantee of a place unless one of the already accepted places becomes available.

Please see the below documents for application processes and in-year admissions to school.  However further admissions information about the school can be found at: